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Ezines are pretty much a thing of the past because we're all so much better connected by social media sites but, as I write this, we still have around 300 subscribers and it's become a habitual pursuit so I'll keep publishing until out subscriber count falls below 200 or until it starts to feel, I don't know, over I guess.

Our ezine is for anyone who enjoys the internet and has time and the inclination to explore it.   It's a non-commercial, double opt-in, advertising-free publication.   Each issue contains links to websites which may contain computer tips, information on about any imaginable subject that fascinates us, humor, freeware, online games, puzzles, quizzes, art, photography, poetry, prose, music, anything we happen to find on the web, and we spend a lot of time looking, which we feel our readers may appreciate.   Our little 'rag' is non-topical and any interesting website on any subject, which meets our criteria for content, is fair game.

This ezine is made possible by the very cool folks at Freelists.org who provide us with free list hosting.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, if you can read enough English to get through our ezine (because, unfortunately, we have but one language), you're welcome here.

We pay very close attention to suggestions and comments made by our readers and our contact page permits you to email us directly or contact us with total anonymity if you wish.

We aren't any sort of experts; we're people just like you, who love the Internet and use it to expand our horizons and enrich our world.   We believe that computers and the Internet are mankind's greatest adventure.   What good is a great adventure if there's no one to share it with?   That's what our ezine is about and we hope you'll join us.

Privacy Policy:   The only information gathered by this website is your email address (if you subscribe to our ezine).   The subscriber database is stored and managed by our excellent ezine host, Freelists.org, and doesn't appear on this website.   Freelists.org also has a very firm privacy policy which you may read, online, here.

Depending on your browser settings this site may be stored in your computer's browser history but this site places no cookies on your computer.

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Don Crowder & Lisa Miller
Sole owners and administrators of this site.

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