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#281 July 1, 2022 from Don Crowder
First words:

Good things about being a 73 year-old veteran:
* I get a 10% discount at Lowes and Home Depot.
* A resident fishing license is free in most states.
* I get amazing health care from the VA at little or no
* Plenty of other businesses offer discounts to veterans
  and/or senior citizens.

Not so good things about being a 73 year-old veteran.
* Stuff hurts (knees, shoulders, feet, hands, whatever,
  it's always something).
* I forget, lose and/or misplace all sorts of things.
* Bending over to tie my shoes or pick up something I
  dropped is problematic (If I don't fall down, I may
  need help to stand up again).

I don't want to be young again but there are moments when
it's not much fun being old.  :)

Here we go . . .


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Skip to 2:48 on this video to hear Denise Reis play the
trumpet . . . without a trumpet.
She also has other good videos.

An online magazine that's about Google.

I guess some folks just miss payphones.

Somehow I wound up in a band with a trumpet player and a
multi-instrumentalist who plays flute and saxophone. To
fully explore the musical possibilities of these instruments
I'm going to have to learn to write music.  This hasn't been
an easy project for me but I've found some Open Source
software that helps a little. (a Linux app)

Learn something every day.

Take a micro course, or make one.

Need a good name for your new business?

Upscale & enhance images.

Enhance and tailor your videos.

Make a custom profile photo.

Create yourself an avatar.

Make an awesome presentation.

A spiffy graphics toy.

Need help with your blog?

Would a group of peers help with your learning curve?

All sorts of things you probably could have done without

Free accredited courses.

Practical things.  Probably worth learning.

Problems with efficient computer time management?

Do you have problems staying on task and focused?

12 tips for staying productive while working remotely.

A cleaner inbox.

Need reminders to get stuff done?

Making videos from text?

Another video 'thingy'.

Do you need notes for everything?

Brain tools.

Turning data into pretty pictures.

Stock video footage.

What runs a website?

A simple, one page website for pretty much anything.

Tell your story with illustrations.

Draw stuff.

Networking for the unemployed.

The amazing worlds of archaeology, anthropology, & ancient

Barry Rice's Carnivorous Plant FAQ page.

Inside higher education.

Are you interested in healthier living?

Welcome to Fourmilab Switzerland.

Golden rules for making money.

Deep, eclectic and/or nerdy news.

A venerable Role Playing Game (RPG).

Visual arts and social commentary.

A learning community for photographers.

Home of the Muppets.

A collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, and 
dangerous delusions.

This site is all about helping women.

Mythical American animals.

Sites for serious knitters.

Tips of all sorts.

Health oriented news.

Everything you ever wanted to know about film ratings.

Not a secure site but an amazing compendium of pre-war
blues music.


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Last words:

We just got back from spending a week in Texas. The reason
for the visit was to attend the wedding of one of my
grandsons and it was a grand wedding indeed but I also
spent four days playing music with old friends. I'm very
grateful to have so many talented musicians numbered among
my friends.  After two years of having few opportunities to
play music I was pretty rusty but I think I knocked off most
of the rust. We set aside one day of our trip to go fishing
and that day was the down side of our trip because it was
very hot and the fish weren't biting.  This fall, when the
weather starts to cool off a little, I think we're going to
make a few trips to lakes near Albuquerque. As much as I
truly enjoy seeing my friends, I'm in no hurry to spend
between eleven and twelve hours sitting in the car to get
to central Texas again in the foreseeable future.

Best regards to one and all and may the fish be biting
on the day you decide to go fishing.  :) 

Don Crowder
Thursday, June 30, 2022,  5:48 PM (MDT/MST)
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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